To a friend

To a dear old friend that is retiring today.
We have had many ups and downs since we started working together all those years ago. You were so fresh and peppy when you came into the office that first time. Colourful, and new. You were so much better than your predecessor it defied logic, how could you be both more fun and more hard-working? Whatever the reason, you were fantastic.
As the years went on, we had our ups and downs. You started to get sick, more and more often. We got scared, and we did not know what to do. There was one dark day in August, 2004 that we thought we would lose you. You almost died on the table but for the hard work of many souls, and we thank heavens every day you survived that day because you were so much stronger afterwards. You got sick less and worked more. You became our friend again.
Fast forward a few more years when your younger brother showed up. We hated him. We still hate that version of him. He was the laughing stock of your family and almost gave you a bad name. I say almost, because you never wavered and still showed up every day to give it your all. Even though your brother tried to push you out, he couldn’t and you kept going and never let go of the job.
A few years later your younger brother, fresh out of rehab with a brand new skip in his step showed up and finally began to take the load off. We knew you were getting tired and needed a break. It had been almost 10 years of you shouldering the load alone by this point. That’s too much for everyone, and no one ever expected it of you.
As the years went on and your brother shouldered more and more of the load, nothing could shake the fact that you are the gold standard. The yardstick by which all others are judged. I hope you know that even though we have tried our hardest to remove your mark from the workplace, its not because we don’t love you, but because we are scared of a day you will no longer be there to hold us up and make us better.
But you deserve this day. It has been too long coming, and we have kept you from retirement too long. Some of us will never forget you, and for me, you will always be a part of my life.
Windows XP, this day is for you.